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If you are a Missouri Law Enforcement Officer and would like the password, ALL information  must be filled in.  Officers not from Missouri will have their page placed in the Cops area, Missouri Officers will be listed on moLEo and given the password to the restricted area.  Incomplete forms will not be processed.
Please note that your e-mail address will not be given or sold to anyone.  The information requested of Missouri officers is used to validate the application process.  Use this form to submit information or to make corrections to information already listed. Missouri Officers** can use this form to add their names and pages to moLEo and to get the password.
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** NOTICE: to those requesting a password: by sending this information you agree to abide by the laws set forth by the state of Missouri and acknowledge you have read and understood these laws.  You further agree that the information you have provide is true and accurate as RSMo 575.060 provides for the prosecution of those who provide false information.  Any person who falsely represents himself/herself as a law enforcement officer may be prosecuted under RSMo 575.120RSMo 569.095 also provides prosecution for persons who falsely gain, give out the password, or give out information on the restricted area of moLEo.

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