The first step in joining the ring is to follow the link bellow to join the webring.  You will be asked to enter your webring ID.  If you are a new webring user you will need to sign up for an ID below.  Once you have entered an ID you will be asked to enter the url of the webpage you wich to place the webring banner on.  When this is done you will have added yourself to the queue.  You must then place the webring html code onto the webpage your specified.  Once you have added the HTML code send email to saying that you have added the HTML code. We will view your site, and when we see the proper HTML code on your page we will activate your ID number, but only then. Do not e-mail other members of the site and ask them to activate you. Only we can activate you. You must let us know when you have inserted the correct HTML code into your page so you can be activated. You will have 5 days to add the HTML code. If you are having trouble with the HTML code from this site e-mail us and we will e-mail the proper code (ID included) back to you. On all correspondence to us please included your ID number and URL the ring code is on.

How is Ring Integrity Ensured?
The people over at Web ring have a utility to let the administrator test the ring. This utility checks every member of the ring to make sure their pages are still up and that the pages contain the required Ring HTML. If any page is found lacking- we will e-mail the owner of the page to inform them of the problem. You will have 72 hours to correct the problem or inform us of when the corrections should be expected. If no answer is recieved the page will be removed from the ring. When a page is linked to this ring, the above graphic will be displayed.

*Note: You must have a MISSOURI RELATED SITE!!! That is the only way to join the web ring. Sorry.

Thank you!

Want to Join? Follow the link and sign up.

Join Here if you are a new webring user and need an ID
If you already have a webring ID click here to join Missouri OnLine or update your information.

Once you sign up, put the html code onto your webpage.
If you would like an image above your webring code just read bellow.

Here is the code with an image, just copy & past to your page.  Replace the red with your information.


<a href=";index"><IMG SRC="" BORDER=0 ALT="The Missouri OnLine WebRing"></center></a>

<center> This <a href=""> Missouri OnLine Ring </a> site is owned by <a href="mailto:YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS"> YOUR NAME </center></a>

<center><a href="">Next Page </a> | <a href=""> Skip It </a> | <a href=""> Next 5 </a> | <a href=""> Previous </a> | <a href=""> Random </a>

<CENTER>Want to join the ring? Get the <a href=""> information.</a></CENTER>

Once you have added your site just copy and paste the HTML listed between the lines into your web site. Each place I have placed a "0" You must place your ID Number that you were given.

For Example: If your ID number was 2 your first line would look like this:

<a href="">Next Page </a>

You must do that in all 5 places that I have placed the zero.

Also insert your name and email address.  The last thing you need to do is decide which image you would like to use.  See end of page for alternative image choices.

This is what it may look like depending on the img src and layout you used. Can you find a better image to use rather than this one? Show it to us.

The Missouri OnLine WebRing
This Missouri OnLine Ring site is owned by moLEo
Next Page | Skip It | Next 5 | Previous | Random
Want to join the ring? Get the information.

Or it may look like this depending on the img src http: you used.
The Missouri OnLine WebRing
Next Page | Skip It | Next 5 | Previous | Random | Ring information.

Minor modifications might be necessary.  You may want to place the code in a table for a better look.
Once you have posted the correct HTML, e-mail us at: and we will activate your site. If you are having problems, please e-mail us at the above address with your problem.

Once you have added the html code to your webpage you can place one of the images bellow on your site with the code.

Here are some other images you may wish to use in the web ring code.

Where the code has:
<IMG SRC="" BORDER=0 ALT="The Missouri OnLine WebRing"></center></a>
Simply replace the red word.gif with one of the following.

this image made by Gail  be sure to visit Gail's page
For this image use:

this image made by R.B.   be sure to visit R.B.'s page
For this image use:

For this image use:

*Existing WebRing users

Current members: an error was found with the url for the images.  Many of you have
as the image url.  The correct url is
just insert the red portion into your code.

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