Playing these games only shows that you have nothing better to do with your time.   Enjoy!  Note: many do not work with Internet Explorer, others need a 3.0 or better browser.  Also, you may need to reload to play a new game once done with the first.  If you find your self having problems.... I did not make them and you don't have to play them.

Room 1 (Black Jack, Check Boxes, Checks Out) | Room 2 (Click Fire, Reaction)
Room 3 (Number Guess) | Room 4 (ESP, TV Guide Crossword Answers)
Room 5 (Poker) | Room 6 (Hunt the Wumpus)
Room 7 (Lotto Quick Pick) | Room 8 (Quiz Master-German) | Room 9 (Ping Pong)
Room 10 (Russian Roulette, Tax Quiz, Tic Tac Toe)



To start a hand, click 'New Hand'.
(Dealer stands on 17)
Dealer has
You have


Check the boxes

The object of the game is to check as many checkboxes as possible in 20 seconds. It's hard!!!


Checks Out

A spoof of the popular game 'Lights Out'
Make all "checks" disappear! 
Level 1 Level 2
Level 3 Level 4
Level 5
Annoying box to confuse you!

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