Russian Roulette

1. Enter player names.
2. Click start game.
3. The player the computer has chosen to go first must click the trigger..if the player dares.

 The loser's browser shuts down. Enjoy!


Enter Name Of Player 1: 
Enter Name Of Player 2: 

Tax Challenge

Instructions Below

Disclaimer: This is a game and not tax advice. The questions and answers are simplified for purposes of the game. Have fun. But if you want tax advice talk to your tax advisor.


This game is simple. Answer the questions and the game displays the percentage of questions you answer correctly. There are over thirty questions in this game so far.

This is a JavaScript game. The author of the game is a little new at this, so please report any bugs to If any tax pros want to send questions to the author send them to the same address and I may put them in the game. 

Tic Tac Toe

Click on the button next to each position to put an X there. 

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