Hunt the Wumpus

Cave Number: 
You hear bats.
You feel a draft.
You smell a wumpus.
Tunnels lead to:

I believe the game of "Hunt the Wumpus" was developed by Gregory Yob. It was first published by Creative Computing in their September/ October 1975 issue. I got the description of it from Basic Computer Games, Edited by David h. Ahl (1980). I played it on my first computer which was a TRS-80 Model I with Level 1 basic, 4 Kilobytes of memory and no permanent storage. I had to type in the basic code to a game each time I powered up the computer to play. Anyway, its a fun game. Take a look at the rules below before you play.
This version of "Hunt the Wumpus" is Copyright 1996 by Sean Lane Fuller. All rights reserved.

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