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Reference resources, subject and search engines.

Virtual Reference Desk
Reference desk sources
United States Depository Libraries
Libraries which general,y contain, Criss-cross directories, CD-ROM databases of the National Death Registry, Genealogy resources, Business and employer directories, Federal, state and local government directories
Ready Reference Resources (Rutgers University)
Excellent for all those standard reference questions. Also serves an excellent example how the local University library handles it's regional information.
Strategic Intelligence Sites
Military, government and economic intelligence websites can be found here.
Thomas Publications-NAIS Home Pages
World's Largest Investigative Source on the Internet. Ralph Thomas certainly knows his sources.
Safety Related Internet Resources
A to Z directory of safety related materials. Extremely thorough and easy to search through by alphabet.
Search Engine Resource Kit
A concise listing of search and subject engines, including speciality and meta-search engines.

Updated: 7/11/99

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