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Social Security Numbers, Drivers License, and other Identifying features. - Net confidential
An interesting article on how a journalist uncovered his coworkers personal information strictly using Internet resources.
SSA - Searching For Lost People
Using the Social Security Administration to help you locate your missing person.
Social Security # Lookup
Informus has a slick form that helps you locate the state and year which issued your social security number.
Social Security Online
The Social Security Office can be very resourceful in understanding social security law, history and planning of the agency.
Your Social Security Number
A federal document explaining the varieties of Social Security cards issued, privacy and other important facts.
Social Security Death Index (SSDI) at
Search over million names in the Social Security Death Index at, the most up-to-date SSDI on the internet.
Selective Service Numbers
The Selective Service System is able to provide information from records kept on men currently registered with Selective Service, as well as on men who were registrants as far back as World War I. SSS offers online search for registrations of men born on or after January 1, 1960.
Ameridex Information Systems
Fee based! This database consists of over 240 million names, 200 million with date of birth compiled from multiple public record sources.
One stop shopping (fee-based)for most of the popular background searches such as DMV and SS. I'm not sure about the legality of this site, but it certainly lacks security. Use the 800 number to transfer your credit card information.
Using Vehicle Registration to Find People
One of the best ways to locate people throughout the United States is through the use of driver's license and vehicle registration information.
Drivers license bureaus
Here is a list of the addresses of the drivers license bureaus for all states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico
Sample letter to motor vehicle bureau
Sample letter can be used to request driving records from state agencies.

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