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Sites describing historical and current weather statistics.

Sunrise, sunset, moon phases
The U.S. Naval Observatory is the USA's official source of information about time and astronomical phenomena, including the times of sunrise and sunset, twilight, phases of the moon and other data.
Climate Summaries for the Midwest
Climate Summaries for the Midwest, US
Compute Sunrise, Sunset & Twilight For Cities & Airports Worldwide With Local TZ
Sunrise and sunset information based on the nearest airport.
Meteorology FAQ Part 2/7: Sources of weather data
Megasource for weather information.
NCDC: Get/View OnLine Climate Data
Surface weather data based on historical context, daily, hourly or searchable by climate. Excellent.
National Climatic Data Center Federal Building 151 Patton Ave. Rm. 120 Ashville, N.C. 28801-5001 828-271-4800 828-271-4876 fax It costs about $10.00 for weather conditions on a specific day, hour by hour, in a specific location. About $70.00 if you want a certified copy for court.
Weather Underground: Welcome to The Weather Underground
Excellent for current weather conditions anywhere on the globe.
World Climate contains over 85,000 records of world climate data (historical weather averages) from a wide range of sources.
Forensic Meteorological Services
Compu-Weather provides detailed reconstruction of past weather conditions for attorneys, insurance adjusters, and
investigators. We offer written reports, official weather records, expert testimony, and telephone consultation. WeatherPost -- Historical Weather Data
Temperature and precipitation data for 2,000cities worldwide is available in our historical database.

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