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Semaphore's Free Internet Resources
Where Did They Move To? Find out who's moved before you mail. Convert - old addresses to new forwarding addresses for free
U S WEST - Yellow Pages
Not just the West Coast. You can search by state, city, category or business name.
American Directory Assistance
Probably one of the largest, most reliable free phones on the net. For Businesses you can search by state, city or business name. People searches are name, city, state.
Now with over 10 million listings, including postal codes. People search is by name, city and providence. Business search is the same. There is also a link to Canada toll free directory.
Canada TollFree
Name, providence, area code and keyword
The Payphone Project
Not exactly a "reputable" site, it is growing in popularity as people add numbers to this growing database.
Infospace offers many options with an array of strategies.
Reverse Lookup
White Pages
Yellow Pages
Yellow Pages - White Pages
Yahoo! People Search
Yahoo coupled with Four11 offers services similar to Infospace. E-Mail, Yellow and White pages, reverse directories, and oh.. they've got a pretty nifty Subject Engine too.
Internet Directory Assistance (DA) Providers
A megasite of International phone directories.
International Phone Directory Links
Websites which provide whitepages lookup capabilities Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Slovenia, U.K., Yugoslavia
Database America Home Page
A favorite site for quick searches. The information is provided by InfoUSA.
Fone Finder query form
Great for when you need to locate the prefix, area code, or International number of a city or vice-versa.

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