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An incredible list of resources about and for auditors, accountants and financial professionals.


The Celebrities Homepage
Here you will find links to more than 100 different stars
Mr. Showbiz's Celebrity site.
Who 2 Home Page
Who's Who for famous people.


Locate a Lawyer with the Martindale-Hubbell guide.

Physicians and Hospitals

Locate hospitals and doctors through their associations and professional affiliations.

FL - Department of Insurance
A searchable database of doctors, dentists, and lawyer that have been sued for malpractice.
NY - Department of Health
Doctors who have been subject to disciplinary actions in New York State.
Virginia Department of Health Professions
Not a searchable list of names, but useful if you take the time to look through the newletters, and professions listed there.
Default Doctors
They didn't pay their loans, so now the whole world gets to see them listed on the web.
Welcome to MedSeek
Great for locating physicians affilations and area hospitals.
Hospital Directory
State by state directory of hospitals, including the American Samoas.
OK - Patients' Resource Guide
This is a search engine that will list physicians alphabetically, and also provide information on specialization, licensure, and disciplinary actions, if any.
Doctor Directory
State by state directory of physicans, including the Armed Forces
International Patient Guide to American Hospitals
This site features American hospitals, health information and medical links, travel information, and other helpful online resources for international patients seeking medical treatment in the United States.
HealthCare Report Cards
Grades the performance of almost every hospital in the United States.
Hospital Select
Terms of Use
American Hospital Directory
Data, Statistics, & Information about Hospitals
Medical Doctors Online
Medical and health care services
A ChoicePoint Company
Worldwide Surgeon Referral Service
AMA Physician Select
American Medical Association On-Line Doctor Finder

Pilots, Airports

NTSB - Aviation

Aviation accidents
Landings: Aviation Search Engines
Landings: Search Engines: : FARs, N-Numbers, NTSBs, SDRs, ADs, AMEs, Pilots, Medical Examiners, Regulations
Get all the information about airports. Details include airport location, runway information, radio navigation aids and communication frequencies, significant obstructions, and a wealth of other information for pilots.
Landings - The Busiest Aviation
Search for Certificated Pilots, airports, flight plans, etc.
Flight Data
Over 1 million pages of data, vendors and sources.

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