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Inmate & Prison Release Databases

Many states now offer online searchable databases of Prisons and Prisoners.
Thanks to Oracle International for assisting with this list.

Book Alert - The Guide to Criminal Offender Records
"The Guide to Criminal Offender Records," by Deborah Uffinger-Aylward. Now available online from
States - Corrections links
Pinellas County, FL. Corrections Criminal Justice Links
States - The Blue Leprecon's Corrections Directory
An informative website with loads of links to various corrections departments and prisons.
States - The Corrections Connection Homepage
Well organized mega-site for those involved in corrections, looking for associations, prisons or information relating to corrections officers.
States - BOP Home Page
The Bureau of Prisons offers state by state contact information for locating inmates.
States - Corrections Directory
State, Federal and other associated departments of correction links
AK - Sex Offender Registration Report
This database is searchable by address, name, city. The data returned is rather complete, including present employer.
AR - Sex Offender Registration Database
Scroll to the bottom and click on the navigation menu. There are no listings of offenders here, however the number per city and contact information is listed.
AZ - Offender List
CA - Sex Offenders
All California Communities Now Online
FL - Department of Law Enforcement
Missing Children, Predators and Offenders, Florida's Most Wanted, Early Releases, Criminal History Info, Florida Crime Statistics, Programs and Services
FL - Department of Corrections
Inmate releases, inmate escape information, gangs, and other very useful and interesting information.
FL - Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office
Traffic, Accidents, Dangerous Intersections, jail bookings and wants and warrants for Hillsborough County are all here. Really nicely developed site.
IA - Criminal Records
This is not a searchable database. However the contact and form information is given so that you can write for a records search. Sex Offender Information
ID - Ada County of Boise Idaho
Ada County supplies the names, DOB, and charges of those serving time, being held or arrested. Take the time to visit this site, its attractive brochure for 'Jail Housing' rivals the best Catskill resorts.
IL - Department of Corrections
Search for an Inmate by last name, IDOC Number, or Social Security #.
IL - Cook County Sex Offenders Information
The database is updated daily and allows searching by last name or city.
IL - Lake County
Sex offenders searchable by municipality.
IL - DuPage County
The database is updated quarterly and allows searching by last name or city.
IN - Sex Offender Registry
Offender release and registration information, records of the Indiana Department of Correction, Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council, and Indiana State Police
KS - Bureau of Investigation Sexual Offenders
Search by Name, City, County or Zip Code
KS - Offenders listed by county
KS - Wichita
Searchable database by names or zip code. Nice webpage!
MI - Public Sexual Offender Query
Public Sex Offender Registry Inquiry - Search by zip code
MI - Macomb County
This is Senator Jaye's page of sexual offenders. The data should be double checked with alternative sources. The lack of interconnectivity with any reasonable database made me pause as to its currency. Very poor taste in artwork as well.
NC - Sex Offender & Public Protection Registry
Sex Offender & Public Protection Registry database. Searchable by zip code, city, county, status, name and age.
NC - Inmate Releases
Inmate Releases, Inmate Escapes and Offender Information
NJ - State Parole Board
New Jersey State Parole Board notification Searchable county to county.
NY - Inmate Information - Call 1-800-VINE-4NY
Tracking inmates through the New York City Criminal Justice System, whether they've been arraigned, released, escaped, paroled, posted bail, sentenced, or transferred to another facility.
NY - Department of Corrections
Current data, updated daily, no fuss, no pictures, but lots of information.
NY - Parole Watch
I don't trust this database based on its affiliation, source code and overall feel. Please double check your hits with theDepartment of Corrections
OH - Offender Database Search
OH - Parole Violators at Large and Escapees
Offender database complete with photos.
SC - Attorney General's Office Registry of Sex Offenders
The information is updated on a monthly basis. You can search for offenders in your area by name, city, county and/or zip code; you can also download a copy of the entire database. There is a bonus DeadBeat Dads list here as well.
TX - Convictions & Sex Offenders Record Database
Texas requires that you pay to search. (tsk.. tsk..)
UT - Sex Offenders Database
Present address, including those still incarcerated.
VA - Sex Offender Registry
Virginia's Sex Offender Database - Searchable by name, county, city or zip.
WA - King County Sheriff's Office Sex Offender Search
Searchable by name and zip code.
WI - Milwaukee Sex Offenders
A biography and photo for each offender.
WI - Call 1-800-398-2403
No database here.

Police Blotters

Chico Police Department
Berea, Ohio
Middle Tennessee State University
Lubbock, Texas
Go to the Crime Wrap.

See Also:
Each one of the states offers an extensive selection and variety of databases.
Research the area, region or state's newspapers for the person you are looking for.
Check out what a social security or death check can return on your offender.
Updated: 7/11/99

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